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Specializing in component level Apple Repair for over 10 years, our mission is to keep as many MacBooks and logic boards out of landfills as possible.


Who are we?  MacBook MD was founded by two partners, both being Apple lovers from

a very young age. From the rad new colors of the Apple II monitor, to surfing, LOL, I should say crawling, the net via "dial up" on the Macintosh Performa, they were hooked...


After reading an article about the amount of e-waste on Earth & both having computer electronics backgrounds & robotics experience, they knew they could do something to help, so they assembled a team of skilled technicians and MacBook MD was born!


Have you ever gone to the Apple Store after a spill or drop and they tell you to pay more than the laptop is worth, to replace the logic board & then they talk you into upgrading

to the newest model MacBook?  Screw that!!


Our Apple Certified Technicians have the knowledge and micro soldering experience to fix almost every logic board issue; therefore a lot less e-waste!